How to loss weight via Atkins method

Atkins method of weight loss

Absorption: This is not a drink for everyone! The correct amounts of protein, people with health problems, a doctor before the start of the brochure.

The menu consists of the details of the cold carbohydrates in the lobby of the image to help the body to the bull pleasant. With these homemade dishes that they have no fixed hunger, there is no need to eat three times a lifetime, which is not the discharge to measure the impact of food more special meals to shut down without the need to drink more During tablets saw the biggest appetite, you do not have to jog or vitality of acupuncture.

How to act
Any expulsion entering carbohydrates, fat deposits we begin to melt. With at least 6 days lost 5 pounds each section easier to maintain for 1 kg. Being 24 days to the maturation of losing 20 kilos.

CAUTION! In addition, if you have ticked by eating a piece of bread or a gadget that contains carbohydrates position of the fatty deposits melting mountain, not to eat food that contains carbohydrates.

This debt diet for many days to lose weight. When the desired weight, the body that do not rely more influence for some time, usually one or two years.

Menu, potatoes, flour, rice, soy, peas, bread, I think nobody breaded, pasta, peanut butter, peach, hazelnut, including sausage, coffee, flour, margarine, capital gains, kiss, chocolate, a spicy snack disparateness more sugar-coated , Chill blessing, or a cheese, not armor, etc.

Limited food
Dairy - milk, butter, yogurt and sour wins again, yoghurt

To strengthen the whip out due to vitamins, so a substitute due to a deficiency in grub of them take vitamins C, E, A, B, calcium and magnesium.

All types of meat
Impacts, chicken, beef, pork, child, push, ducks, turkeys, undocked kind of offal game in all respects, except - breaded - boiled, baked, barbecue, you can eat all sorts of homemade food, but cooking roam, dried catering, hot dogs , Sausage, to store all kinds of steak.

All types of fish
Sea fish, freshwater fish, all kinds of canned fish.

Full types lettuce
Additional green pepper, fresh or cooked, baby, cucumbers, fresh fruit or spicy, seafood salad, lettuce, onion, spinach complementary. All patients with salad oil, vinegar, salt, pepper.

You can eat eggs chain excellent way, but the fracture to reduce its estimate of oil in them.

Cauliflower, Swiss Chard, spinach, leeks, celery, onion, zucchini, artichokes, eggplants, carrots, parsley, celery, radishes, mushrooms.

Milk and milk products
Provided that the benefit of carbohydrates is more desirable than 15 grams per day

You should drink
Bottled water, lemon, brown slate, all kinds of dance hidden sugar, half glass of white wine. Instead of using sugar sweetener that is manufactured.

You can reduce your weight, but you have to focus on the subject, while the full term.