Losing weight the healthy way after pregnancy

From the days when we are born, we drank the milk. For many of us, the bonds that are first developed in our mother's diagnosis, and continued through our lives. The first connection between our food and our consumption of milk and continue through the year, and stressed the importance of calcium is through our youth. All this information is gurnuo through our youth is not the same focus point for later. But what is the story behind the milk? What is actually given us is really important to drink milk a day, and what are the negative consequences (if any)?
The mother's milk that has created many functions. It was apparently used as a source of food, which feed infants they require. But also allows the mother to transfer some of their antibodies in babies in order to avoid illness and disease. The food also helps the child can not consume the food themselves, and this is what defines the transfer of food mammals, as well as the possibility of providing milk is what makes a mammalian mammals.
So, what exactly is the milk? Milk is the first priority of the substance produced in the mammary glands female mammals. This is first of all liquids, and can be converted into a wide variety of other foods - cheese, yogurt, cream, butter, condensed milk, and more. Within these foods are much more variation and taste, such as beskrajnog cheeses in the world, a taste and yogurt. Also, there is another level in a variety of dairy products is based on the amount of fat in each, usually are low-fat, non-fat and fat all versions of many dairy products.
What are the advantages of positive dairy products? The food includes milk product and the fact that they provide a lot of calcium, milk and difficult to contain high levels of vitamin D. Dairy can provide many of the amino acids would not normally, and was included long-standing member of the four food groups. It is a study that shows that dairy products help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, heart disease and reduce our bodies and generally healthy.

Process milk undergoes before reaching the table is usually a process where the husband is extracted from the milk of cows, and then performs pasteurization, which heats and milk to kill bacteria, and then chilled to him fresh for a longer period of time. There is a dispute about the process, as well as many people believe that many of the living organisms in milk that is beneficial to our bodies killed in the process, but many harmful bacteria are killed, such as salmonella, tuberculosis, children's and paralysis.
In addition, the milk undergoes homogenization before packaging. Cream is separate from high in fat from the lower parts of the fat. In the difficult grouping of oil rise to the top of milk when he sat, and when the cream is skimmed off the top, we get milk and cream. The remaining fat in milk to settle at the top of the carton, and milk homogenization forces through narrow tubes at high speeds, the fat molecules in small pieces, which are likely to reforms in the classes.
Milk may have plug-ins, such as chocolate, strawberry and banana Alan, who do not have the effect of the aspects of milk only add sugar and certain chemicals to color and taste. Also, since the shift to daily closed, vitamin D is added, but this effect can be replaced by an hour in the sun for a week.
There are some controversy over the prominence of milk in our society, as researchers have found certain problems that may develop severe dairy consumption. The main problem is drainage and calcium from bones to help metabolize ingested dairy. As the body use calcium to neutralizovala proteins and other substances that are high concentrations in milk and milk products, there may be a lack of time that require a lot of calcium. So in these cases, the body will draw calcium from bones to make up the difference. This can lead, over time, the lack of calcium in bones. The fact that for so long calcium was the main points of sale for milk, leads people to develop disgust for allegedly misleading us.
Overall, it would make sense to reduce milk your diet. Dairy can help add texture and flavor to your food, and should be consumed moderately. Stick to 2-3 parts recommended, and always choose low-fat versions whenever possible. Select skim milk, low-fat cheese and margarine instead of butter. And be aware of the size, as the cheese has little fat and other dairy products may contain saturated fat. Be aware of and implement care in the selection of dairy and need to enjoy a healthy life with a lot of taste.