Determine your ideal weight

Your ideal weight can not be what you think it is. May seem ideal weight and how it relates to how you feel you should look or how you think others expect to see, is the weight that is healthy for your height, waist size, sex and age . Your ideal weight depends even more of these factors, but in general are the main determinants. Your body needs fat reserves to ensure they are always enough power on hand, and there is a healthy amount of fat that is stored in the body. Of people have difficulty making the connection between fat and stored body image, because our culture pressures people to be very weak. Unfortunately, this image, which was formed in magazines and on television is a contraindication what is a healthy range for your body.
Your body needs fat to be completely healthy fat that can ensure you will receive power when not eating enough during a period of time, and helps to provide all the right substances for the repair of healthy cells, etc. A more realistic Body image should be done to understand how the body should look and what it should consist of. We need a healthy balance of all the ingredients of a healthy body, and this requires an adequate proportion of fat in lean muscle mass.
The way most people are confused as to measure their body fat and weight which should be in order. There are three main tools to determine their fat content in relation to the ideal height and sex. The first is the body mass index, which takes into account height, weight and sex. There are many online calculators that can do that for you. His list of body mass index, which means, and I say the range of healthy, easy, overweight and obesity. The only problem with a BMI calculator is that it can not be reliably used for body builders that muscle weighs more than fat and cause a misleadingly high reading on the scale. In addition, for children of the numbers can not be relied upon.

Another way to calculate your weight is to wear the situation to the hip. A connection between showed that when fat is stored, and what impact it might have on the rest of his body. For example, the weight stored around the waist is better for you than it is stored in your body and your education, in any place other than his waist. Fat in other regions have been shown to raise bad cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease and stroke.
To measure the size of your waist, take a tape measure and start from your belly button and wrap around the waist. Below the healthy range for women is 31 inches and just over 35 inches puts you at increased risk of stroke and heart disease. For men, healthy, the range is less than 37 inches and the area of risk is more than 40 inches. If you are in the heart of healthy and hazardous areas, then you are "limit" and should take immediate steps to prevent it from entering the danger zone.
Another important method to determine the relationship between you and the size and weight of your health is the waist-hip-to report. You already have your waist size, so now you have to take a tape measure and start from the bones of the two protuberances of the hip (pelvic bone) and wrap-around. Then, divide your waist measurement by the hip measurement. If this ratio is above 80 for women and men to 1.0, and then probably the poorest have a storage fattening.
People who are considered overweight or obese by BMI should take immediate steps to reduce their weight. As are many risks associated with obesity, it is essential to take into account the weight. The adoption of measures to reduce the weight requires immediate action because these risk factors are in danger of his life. It has been shown by research, by which those who are characterized by obesity or overweight, losing 10% of their weight can dramatically reduce the risk of weight-related illnesses.
Later in life, these problems can lead to major health wise. Obesity has proven to be one of the causes of heart disease, osteoporosis, joint problems, stroke, and more. It is very important to determine whether it should be the ideal, and to take steps to achieve this healthy range, your life depends on it.