Chewing gum as a diet

Chewing gum not only can give you fresh breath, but you can help and to resist cigarettes, improve memory, even help you get rid of excess weight.
Numerous studies have shown that chewing gum helps in controlling the onslaught of hunger, regulate the feeling of hunger and thus can contribute to the loss of excess weight.
Still, do not think that chewing gum during a few days enough to weight gain on their own melt. Several studies proved that chewing gum have a stake in the entire process of losing extra pounds, but that will not lead to a radical weight loss if you yourself do not follow a healthy diet and physical activity.
Are the best sugar-free chewing gum - a chewing gum contains less than 5 calories, compared with 10 calories, how much chewing gum with sugar.
Positive effects on weight loss gum
Studies have shown that people who love to chew gum entries up to 68 calories less at lunch, and that, in that these calories are not coming back, even if by the end of the day eat lots of food. Chewing gum also help subjects to resist the attacks of hunger, and to avoid very attractive calorie foods. Above all, people are chewing gum have been able to burn as much as 5% more calories. Another survey polls at Louisiana State University, USA, found that chewing gum is of great help in controlling appetite, by reducing daily caloric intake of the respondents and the bursts of hunger.
If chewing gum cut 50 calories a day, then try and enter some small changes in your lifestyle - go to the lower fat milk, or to move more during the day, because this will be able to cut as many as 100 calories on a daily basis.
Probably the biggest benefit of chewing gum is that every time a wave pocket at a time you wave some donuts or candy bars that are full of calories. And if you replace the bag of chips or something like chewing gum, and only once a week, can it only on an annual basis to lose as much as 2 pounds.
Yet, what must always keep in mind is that while chewing gum can help you reduce calories and avoid calorie snacks, should not be exaggerated.
In fact, most sugar-free gum contains low-calorie sweetener - sorbitol. This substance is actually a sugar alcohol that small intestine absorbs very hard and has a laxative effect. One study published in the British medical journal, said cases of chronic diarrhea, pain and unexplained weight loss due to excessive consumption of chewing gum that contain sorbitol.

So, do not overdo it and look at the sugar-free chewing gum as an additional weapon in the fight against weight - one that will help you control hunger and over time contribute to reducing calorie intake in the body.