UN diet 90 days - believe it..

Believe it or not, the UN diet that many nutritionists say is the best way to lose weight and keep it, does not require any calorie counting or starvation. UN diet is tantamount to adopting a healthy lifestyle and ishrane.Mali number of people had the will to persevere to the end of the UN diet which is very long, but once you get through and you get the hang you will learn how to easily turn the UN into your diet, nutrition, we will give you slim and healthy life.

The reason many people do not think about dieting is that dieting themselves as a painful starvation that continues until it reaches the goal to hand the balance reaches the planned broja.UN diet instead of starving based on the choice of foods you eat as how much you eat is essential but what are the foods you eat.
Of course, in order to lose weight you must burn more calories than what you entered in the body, but if you eat clean and healthy foods, then it will happen naturally, without the need for you is concerned about how much you eat and how many calories and grams of fat that food contains.
UN diet was developed by U.S. sports physicians. It has no side effects and therefore it is recommended by many nutritionists and doctors!
UN diet lasts 90 days. Preparation for the UN food diet Discard all kozervisane and processed foods that contain fat pile of chemicals and preservatives and instead opt for foods that can be assumed that you will enjoy them ... Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat.

UN diet lasts 90 days and there are many other children who are much shorter and also with them and lose weight can choose exactly why the UN diet?
UN diet leads to permanent changes in metabolism and lost weight does not sack its advantage is that it can be to lose 20 more pounds.
With many fast diets you will lose weight relatively easily in a short time but the weight will come back! UN diet can be just as fast and carry a child in a shorter period (if you want to lose a few pounds) but a change in metabolism will not occur and the weight will come soon return.
UN food diet plan
Diet has to begin the day with a protein, then go starch, carbohydrate, fruit a day, and again protein a day, all this needs to be rotated during the 90 days and the order of the day can not be changed.
Breakfast is the same every day: fruit (apple or pear two two peach or a handful of strawberries, blackberries, two oranges or any other fruit)

Day 1: Protein Day

Lunch: Meat cooked or baked enough is 3 grams a piece-250

(Instead of meat you can eat 3 eggs, fried or boiled, or maybe cheese.)

A piece of bread, salad in unlimited quantities, without oil.

After lunch, eat 2 oz soup without noodles!

Instead of soup you can drink milk or yogurt, but only on this day.

Dinner: same as lunch but without the soup. Be careful as you eat what you ate for lunch!

Day 2: Day starch

Lunch: Any kind of vegetables (beans, peas, green beans, carrots, potatoes, etc..) Vegetables should be kuvano.green salad, condiments, ketchup or tomato sauce can be used to improve the taste.

A piece of bread, salad with added spices to taste.

Dinner: same as lunch, but quantitatively less.

Day 3: Day of carbohydrates

Lunch: Boiled pasta with spices. This can be a pizza with ketchup, spaghetti with sauce or any other pasta.

Dinner: two small slices of cake or 2-3 small cakes, maybe some ice cream and the dark chocolate!

Day 4: Fruit day

Lunch: Any kind of fruit in abundance.

Dinner: all kinds of fruits in abundance.

Other useful information:

During the child once a month, you must have vode.On day should come after the fruit on the day Najbole dvadesetdevetog child that day drink only water and tumbled after day continue with protein.

Coffee and tea can be consumed in unlimited quantities, without sugar and milk, of course.

After the completion of a child can eat normally, provided that for breakfast you continue to eat only fruit for another 90 days. If during this period lost 3 more pounds this means that there has been a change in your body and your metabolism is finally changed.

This weight loss program may seem a bit complicated, but not so in practice, just a little will!

Nothing should be omitted from the diet, all foods have their value and are necessary for the organism.

It sounds very strange and unusual to eat fruit for breakfast, but it is very useful because the body uses sugar from fruit integral first, and that is what nourishes the nervous system.

Those suffering from high blood pressure can cut off their medication after a few weeks a child, with the approval of their doctors, of course, because the UN proven diet regulates blood pressure.a