Healthy diet pills

When it comes to weight gain, people are ready for everything to get rid of them. Most of the first resorts to pills and dietary supplements like.

Most people do not know, however, that exactly the same diet pills source of many hazards that can negatively affect the overall health and body of the person who takes them. Also, most people miss that all these diet "mixed" in the form of tablets and pills contain more or less the same ingredients. These pills affect or suppress appetite or to increase work metabolzima to burn more calories and bad fats. Third simply does not.

How safe these pills actually can be seen from the results of a recent survey, sprovedneog at the California State University. In the aforementioned study included ten healthy adults of whom was asked to try two kinds of diet pills and placebo, in three different situations. After that, there was the measurement of short-term cardiovascular response to the above mentioned "drugs". It was observed that in the case of one type of pills have increased blood pressure by as much as 90-10 points on average, compared with placebo, whereas in the case of other types of diet pills such an extreme effect still lacking. After using both products, there has been an extremely rapid heartbeat, and that only 6 hours after the time when the drug was taken.

What is very frightening and very worrying is that, despite the fact that they are extremely harmful, these drugs are still marked as safe and natural remedies to lose weight. Worrying is a fact that these pills (drugs) can even seriously jeopardize the life of a person who takes them. This occurs when a person already suffering from a disease or disorder such as high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems. Some of these pills can further aggravate the situation and pomunata leave a lasting impact on the overall health of the person concerned.

Given the dangerous effects of these pills, doctors prescribe them to people who are obese, and because of that they are threatening very serious health complications. On the other hand, there are people who are already taking medications such as antidepressants, appetite suppressors and anti-seizure pills, for example, and still manage to lead relatively normal lives. However, most doctors avoid prescribing diet pills and products.

Of course, there are about only one study and studies of only two kinds of diet pills but the side effects and other types of pills dijetalih generally similar.

It should be noted that diet pills work only when used (pulsed). If after termination of pill use resume our old habits (improper diet, irregular diet, insufficient physical activity, intake of a lot of calories into the body ...), original weight comes back, or even becomes larger