New Sens healthy diet

Sensa is the newest form of child weight control, which won the world all of a sudden, especially the North American continent. I put together a diet program is a company based in California. Diet program is based on the additive that is added to foods to reduce appetite.

Decrease appetite and reduces hunger thus leading to weight loss and weight loss. The composition of this additive has no calories, which is also used as an accompaniment to any meal. This product also acts directly on the sense of smell and taste and makes the person feel much satiety before a meal to an end.

Despite all these promising facts, yet the question is to what extent sensa diet works and is there a general effect.


Sensa product (additive) for the loss of excess weight is composed of substances and organic compounds. This brzodejstvujući product for reducing body weight can be found in powder form, which is applied over the food. Its main ingredients are:

  • tricalcium phosphate
  • maltodextrin
  • silicon
  • carmine dye
  • natural and artificial flavors

All these ingredients play an extremely important role in reducing hunger. Sensa itself contains no calories because it has no sugar, no sodium, no gluten.


Clinical research conducted by American scientists recently found that this product achieves excellent results in as many as 1400 people who were actively involved in research. People who had been using this proizviod program for weight loss have failed on average to reduce their weight as much as 6 pounds in the space of just six months. On the other hand, people who have not been on this diet programs have lost only 2 pounds. However, the accuracy of these results also examined in order to obtain completely accurate information.

The way in which sensa functions is as follows: its active ingredients stimulate further work defense secretary gland that is responsible to control the smell and taste. These ingredients have the effect of control hunger. Maltodextrin contains a miniature amount of calories, which does not contribute to weight gain. However, considering the fact that this substance is derived from corn, the people who are allergic to corn should not be allowed to take sensu.


Although this product has been approved by the American Organization for the control of food and drugs, many doctors do not recommend. Sensa, namely, not in any way does not work and is not restricted diet person, but only reduces hunger and gives a person all the freedom when it comes to consumption of any kind of food.

The whole method is relatively new so not all the side effects are not understood.