loss few pounds without diets

Tips on how to lose excess weight never to hurt, so we present a few observations of experienced professionals.

Do not skip breakfast, but skip the bacon.

If you skip breakfast, you will not contribute to weight loss. Breakfast is very important for celeodnevne activity while skipping only leads to an accumulation of calories in the body because the body due to irregular eating "keep" calories, and comes to obesity.

Try the breakfast sandwiches, or omit the bacon at all costs. This will reduce the amount of calories as much as 100, which in turn can make the annual grassroots even lose 3-4 pounds. If you just have to eat bacon, then halve the amount that you intended to eat and you will not be mistaken.

We recall that the bacon contains two to three times more calories than meat or fish.

Give meals a decent time frame

It is important to eat slowly, moderately and with pleasure, so that the meal takes about twenty minutes. Food should be delicious, beautifully served and good smells.

Moderate food intake contributes to eat less food, that it is properly digested by the body and thus reduce the increased body weight in normal and necessary.

Eating quickly and stuffing food into the mouth causes the accumulation of unnecessary overeating calories.

More vegetables

Instead of a meal contains a large amount of meat, may be less meat and more vegetables. Turn your dinner more vegetables and jesc more effortlessly. It is proven that greater diversity on the table makes people eat more and more types of vegetables you eat, the more you lose excess weight. An array of fiber and water that is in vegetables makes you feel a sieve, without entering large amounts of calories.

Sometimes select poultry or fish meat instead of pork or veal, and you reduce calorie intake and you will not be hungry.

More Fruit

Fruits should be eaten more, but not during meals or after meals. Fruits should be eaten as a special meal, a snack (a few hours before lunch or dinner). In this way, drink plenty of vitamins and minerals in the body, retains the satiety, and does not contribute to weight gain.

Soup helping to prevent weight gain

The soup is especially effective and useful when it comes before the main course because it slows down the eating, and reduced appetite and hunger. Be sure to keep the fatty creamy soup, since they are usually rich in fat and calories.

Pull the brake with sugar and sweets

Make sure to replace one šećerasti drink, like soda, water and vitamin drinks, thus you will avoid a substantial amount of the introduced sugar diet. Numerous studies have shown that people who regularly consume sugar-rich drinks for only 4 weeks can add 2 pounds.

Reduce the amount of candy if you can not avoid them. You do not have any to eat the whole cake and not have to eat with a tray of each type of cake at a time.

Green tea - a good helper

Another good strategy is the consumption of green tea. Studies have shown that green tea has the potential to temporarily accelerate the mechanism for burning calories, and by the action of phyto-substances, known as the catechins. Of course, with a daily dose of green tea should not be exaggerated.

Sleep and Weight

Average one hour more sleep at night can help a person lose 6-7 pounds for even one year. These are usually the results of research conducted at the University of Michigan. These results are achieved if a day taken in an average of 2,500 calories. Research shows that proper rest and enough sleep reduces the level of "settled" calories by as much as 6%. Of course, it depends on the person, even genetics. It is important to remember that insufficient sleep increases appetite and makes a person hungry unusual, and this leads to excessive weight.

Physical activity

Should be moderate physical activity such as walking or exercise in a gym.