UN Diet 90 days instructions

UN diet is a diet that lasts 90 days, which ranks among the long-term diet, because it assumes that for healthy weight loss takes time. The author of this child is unknown, so it became, so to speak People's diets. They call the diet of the United Nations or UNICEF diet. UN diet is very popular because it is simple and easy to use, but on the other hand requires perseverance, to achieve the expected results.
UN diet consisting of 5 days. These are:

  • 1st Protein Day 
  • 2nd Starch day 
  • 3rd Dan carbohydrates 
  • 4th Fruit day 
  • 5th Water day (once per month) 

It should be noted that the same breakfast every day and they are always two fresh fruit.
Drinking water is always optional, but the best is 15 minutes before eating.

1st Protein a day - is allowed to consume meat, fish, eggs and other foods that are rich in protein, like milk and cheese, and fresh vegetables in desired quantities.
2nd Starch day - can eat potatoes, whole grains, peas, beans, lentils and the like. with salad and soup.
Day 3 carboncarbohydrates to meet the needs for sweets. Allowed to eat cake,
cakes, ice cream, chocolate, pasta, spices, etc..
4th Fruit day - different kinds of fruit in large quantities. Make sure the fruit is not much sour as this can adversely affect the digestive system.
After the fruit goes back on the day of protein or possibly water, if it came to him.
5th Water is applied once a day a month. Drink only water, juices, coffee and tea, but without water sugar.Posle day passes to the protein a day.

Do you believe UN diet for 90 days?
After 90 days, how long is this diet to feel positive changes in metabolism, it is possible to lose 15 to 30 kg.

Experts believe that the positive side of this child, the introduction of order in the diet, habit of eating fruit in the morning and every day. The negative side is advocating the consumption of chocolate and candy in the child. Also, some say that we have only one protein a day and three days with uglenjim carb (starch, fruit and carbohydrates - candy), which is not good.