6 simple rules for healthy diet

         For weight reduction there is no need to take up some drastically measures, is neither necessary daily run 20 kilometers. 
Just try to change a couple of simple living habits, that will benefit your loss of weight and general healt condition.
 1st Eat a couple of times a day and never skip breakfast. 
2nd At least half an hour a day occupation is a sports activity, if you can't and that's hard for you then at least one hour a day of walk should be involved.
         - Navigating the best techniques combustion accumulated fat. 
3rd Eat more fruits and vegetables. 
          - Entering the most of fruits and vegetables in your body, entering more vitamins and energy that way you will feel better and loss weight.Apple is the best fruit for all sorts of healty diets. 
4th Drink more fluids. 
             -Sparkling beverages avoid because they are already full of sugar. If you you really must drink them use ones with no sugar added, so to say that there are no simple calories.1dc Cole has 21 calories as a liter of Cole light! 
5th Do not eat after 19 hours! 
               - After 18 -19 hours, the metabolism slows and the food is more gum for you. 
6th From the food, try the more dispose entry of sugar, flour, milk, dairy products and salt. 
              - All of these products are high-calorie and that they use less. 
If you remember and use these 6 golden rules, long-term you will reduce your weight drasticly and without any special diet methods, you can expect perfect body. Long term is because this is not some drastic dietary changes, but only some life habits that without great sacrifices lead to big results.