dr.Atkins diet with a twist for more weight reduced

Note: This diet is not for everyone! Because of large amounts of proteins, people with health problems, should consult a physician before starting the diet.

The diet consists in the fact that the entry off of carbohydrates in the body to help the body to clear the fat. With this diet you will not be hungry, you do not need to eat three times a day, you do not need to measure food and prepare special meals, you do not need to drink tea and tablets against higher appetite, you do not have to run or go to Acupuncture.

How to make this diet work ?

Complete expulsion from entering carbohydrates, our fat deposits start to melt. With the first 6 days lost 5 kg each following day easier have for 1 kg. For 24 days you can lose up to 20 kg.

 WARNING! If only one day you eat one piece of bread or anything that contains carbohydrate body will block the melting of fatty deposits, so do not eat food that contains carbohydrate.

This diet can keep as many days as you want to lose weight. When you reach the desired weight, the body will not receive weight again for some time, even a year or two.

PROHIBITED food in Atkins diet

bread, potatoes, flour, rice, soy, peas, bread crumb, breaded meat, pasta, peanut, peach, hazelnut, hot dog, browned flour, margarine, cream, sugar, chocolate, a variety of nibbles salt and sweet, ice cream, or a type of cheese, none of the fruit etc. This types of food should be completely avoided and should follow them if you are truly wanting to loss weight


Milk Products - milk, butter, yogurt and sour cream, yogurt

To make up for vitamins, which will be due to lack of them in food, take vitamins: C, E, A, B, calcium and magnesium

ALLOWED food in Atkins diet:

All types of meat

Beef, chicken, veal, pork, lamb, goose, duck, turkey, all kinds of offal, game in all ways except-breaded-boiled, baked, barbecue, you can eat all types of meat but without bread, dried meat, sausages, except hot dog, all types cutlet.

All types of fish

Sea fish, freshwater fish, all kinds of fish cans.

All kinds of salad

Fresh green, pepper, fresh or baked, tomato, cucumbers, fresh greens or sour, seafood salad, salad onions, fresh spinach. All salads seasoned with oil, vinegar, salt, pepper.


You can eat eggs in all ways, but try to reduce amount of oil in them.


Cauliflower, Swiss chard, spinach, leeks, celery, onions, zucchini, artichokes, eggplant, carrots, parsley, celery, radish, mushrooms.

Milk and milk products

Provided that the amount of carbohydrates is not greater than 15 grams per day

You can drink

Mineral water, lemon, black coffee, all kinds of tea without sugar, half a liter of white wine. Instead of sugar use artificial sweetener.

You will eventually loss weight but you should be focused on your goal for the whole period, and because this is one of more healthier diets around you will have no problems dealing with it.