Basic of all healthy diets

Fat is the only nutritious ingredient that may accrue in the human body as a reserve. Obesity occurs when it comes to overcharging hall fatty tissue and relationship to other tissues are disproportionately increase, then obesity develops as a result of increasing body weight above average. 
Way of making obesity is always the same: or takes too much food or normal amount of food is not wasting due to inactivity. 
In the case of  healthy Diets food should be restricted and regulated so that the ingredients necessary for life are present in sufficient measure. 
Limited, controlled and regulated the most nutrition to combat obesity. Given the different causes of obesity should be avoided stereotype approach to the fight against obesity. 
The basic diet of obesity 
The first diet at the request of obesity is to reduce the total amount of food, especially - fat and carbohydrate (flour, sugar, candies, jam). 
The second request is to ensure sufficient amount of body natural ingredients for life, and to the proteins, vitamins and inorganic salts. 
Healthy body is needed, even when idle, 24 kilogram weight in calories - per day. And that is when you take average weight that a person should have. Standard weight when the amount of deductible 100, so that a person 170 cm high, should have a weight of 70 kg, it is the 70x24 calories. But if we want to loss weight, it is to spend your own lard, the amount of calories must reduce at least a third, so the person 160 cm high amount of calories not higher than 1000

It is important in the for a healthy diet

Consult your doctor that diet may come to mind! 

Avoid coffee with caffeine and do not drink more than 2 cups a day. 

Drink plenty of fluids, primarily healthy water and water with a little sodium, and vegetable and fruit tea. 

Drinks slowly in, because it is so creates a feeling of fill, and enough are often less. 

Chew food well, every mouthful at least 30 times. 

If you want to smoke or similar snacks, and prepare to walk or some other exercise.