dr.Atkins diet - healthy way

Dr. Robert Atkins diet method


The diet consists of foods that contain input large amounts of protein with barely noticeable, percentage of carbohydrates (where the name: Protein and diet without carbohydrates), and it is probably one of the best and healthiest diet around.


Diet consists of three phases. Also, a fourth phase, which is in fact of the achieved. In the first phase limit the intake of carbohydrates in only 20 grams per day. The length of this phase is 2 weeks. In phase two comes to light the introduction of carbohydrates, especially through vegetables, and the third phase is formed optimal amount of carbohydrates that a person could have entered a longer period and that there are no problems with weight.


People who where using this weight loss method advice to and after achieving the desired weight classes with limited entry of carbohydrates and that is fourth phases.




When you remove carbohydrates from daily meals, liver converts fat in glucose, and additional products of this synthesis are toxic ketones. Ketones make you loss will for appetite, you eat less and reduce weight. As to the diet is not considered listing vitamins and minerals it is recommended for this diet to be fully healthy to take vitamin pills that will make up for obvious deficiency of vitamins and minerals.


In this entry protein diet is limited. Without any restrictions you can eat meat, fish and eggs. Cheese, vegetables, olives, oils and fats eaten should be eaten in limited quantities, alcoholic beverages, sugar, milk, fruit, yogurt, cereals, flour products and sweets are banned!






The aim of the first phase of the diet is changed metabolism. Entering carbohydrates limited to 20 grams per day. How does this look practically? So, for example, you can eat  omelet of two eggs with bacon for breakfast or ham sandwich for lunch with grilled steak, for dinner cooked fish. The first phase lasts 14 days of same.




Consists of reducing weight by consumption of fat stocks. Daily allowance of carbohydrates is limited from 15 to 40 grams. So, meat, vegetables (with low content of carbohydrates) and that’s all.




Carbohydrates are gradually introduced, but limited to maximum of 60 grams, which limit the spread and 4 Phase maintenance of existing reduced weight.


A critical review


Due to low input of carbohydrates (Dr. Atkins recommends that all limited entry to the maximum 60 grams per day) this diet caused numerous controversies.
Some research has shown to have longer implementation could affect the mental health and cause bile and fatigue. Were such symptoms were seen in women whose mood changes were intensified. Also, the risks are increased content of triglycerides in the blood, as well as the increased content of saturated fatty acids. In addition, the first (introductory) phase of Atkins diet can cause problems for those experiences or larger quantities of carbohydrates or people who suffer from hypoglycemia because their body can not be so quick to produce glucose to meet the needs of the brain and muscles, which results fatigue or dizziness.


On the other hand, other research showed how the Atkins diet was best way for weight reduction, compared with other diets.