UN Diet method of weight reduction

Strict implementation of this healthy diet leads in addition to weight reduction to changes in metabolism and lost weight will not come again for sure. Diet lasts 90 days. If you need to weaken less reduction, diet stops earlier, but then there are NO changes in metabolism, but you will loss weight and it will be healthy for your organisam.


UN protein diet always starts with protein day, followed by glucoses, carbohydrate day, fruit day, and again protein. The order of days should not be changed whatsoever.




All 90 days FRUITS. Eat the same two hands dried fruit or fruit (number 8 pieces, will be enough).



The first day - protein DAY



• meat, boiled or roast (3 pieces, around 250 g) or 3 boiled or fried eggs (if fried use one teaspoon of oil only)

• bread - slice

• salad - in unlimited quantities

• soup - optional (1 cup / 3 dcl)


This day is to eat milk and cheese, but for the amount reduces the amount of meat or eggs.



The same goes for lunch, but without the soup and without bread. Make sure that if you eat meat for lunch you must eat it for dinner, and if they were eggs for lunch they must be for dinner too.



The second day - glucoses DAY



• Beans, peas, lentils, rice, potatoes - boiled, only adding spices (salt, Vegeta, pepper, ketchup, tomato braised) - full plate

• Bread - slice

• Salad



As well as for lunch, but half measures. Dinner is of course without bread


Third day - DAY carbohydrates



Boiled pasta adding spices - ketchup or the like, or just pizza with ketchup, or salt biscuit in the amount the same as pizza, or anything similar with low fat.(e.g. 3 Crescent)



Two thinner pieces of cake, or 3 - 4 biscuit , or ~200grams of ice cream.

Required - 1 piece of dark chocolate with high amount of cocoa.



The fourth day, - fruit DAY


Lunch and dinner

Only mixed fruit, eat how much you want.

Additional notes

• After rounds of 7x 4 days, ie. 29 days (three times per whole diet) there is a "water day". All day you should drink only water and nothing more;

• Make sure after fruit and sometimes after the water day continue with protein day again;

• Coffee and tea are allowed and good, but without sugar. Juices reduced to the lowest possible rate;

• It is mandatory to take after lunch 1 vitamin pill which contains the daily dose of vitamins and minerals;

• Pause between meals on the first day of 4 hours, and the second and third day, 3 hours, during the fruit day on meal break is 2 hours;

• After 8 PM do nothing to eat anything.


All food stated in this weight loss method must be provided to eat because each has its role in the body. Fruit is required for breakfast, for the most energy, chocolate the third day also because it protects the body from possible allergies and so on.


Amounts of food are more common, and food set our conditions and climate. You must be consistent and persistent there is no other way to loss weight. The first ten days you will not reduce your weight, but then begins a sudden loss and even 3 to 4 pounds. After 90 days the diet cycles, even 90 days after cycles you should have fruit for breakfast, while for lunch and dinner you can back to normal nutrition. At that time you should be lost 3 kg more as an indicator of changes in metabolism. If you do not lose, diet should be repeated, but only after 3 months.


Diet should not be prolong more than 90 days - ONLY AFTER BREAK of 3 months can be conducted NEW 90-day diet.


FAQ for UN Diet


1. I cheated! What next?

• Each happens to at least one time breaking diet. What to do if you eat glucoses day piece of cake? Do not lose fait, the next day go to the diet from the beginning of protein days, or if it is not difficult for you its recommend to start from water day, and then protein - glucoses - carbohydrate - fruit - and so on.


2. Fruit day - can i consume pumpkin seed, peanut, almond …?

• Yes. "The fourth or" vitamin day is reserved for fruit, fresh vegetables, juices and compotes without sugar, roast fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, BUT Be careful not to eat too much of it. The maximum amount of food should not exceed 100gr, because they are very caloric. Also, you can eat dry fruits, but also to a lesser amount because of its high nutritive value. Candied fruit is NOT ALLOWED!


3. Fruit day - do I need to have three meals or i can eat fruit several times a day?

• It is best to break between meals 1 hour, and if you eat a banana or pear 2 hours. The amount of fruit (raw) are not limited, but bananas, plums and other fruits rich in sugar should be paid attention (that is not to overeat it). For example only 2 bananas are allowed.


4. Can i eat beans on glucoses day, boiled cabbage and other vegetables that are not glucoses?

• Yes, all vegetables are ok.


5. Apparently with the UN diet you loss 18-25 kg, but as I read the majority of them for a month or two took off 2 - 4 kg. Of which depends on how much weight will be lost?


• Depends on many factors:


How many pounds of that we have surplus - the larger the surplus, easier it goes is in the initial period,

Of physical activity and frequency of the same,

From the reaction of the organism to carbohydrate. UN diet has a lot of carbohydrates, and relatively small proteins. For some people it is appropriate, and for some not.

Violations of the diet cycles. Many diets are often violated, and complain about its inefficiency. Of course, if you break a diet is not the end of the world, but if no one repeat cycle diet can not survive, then you can not say that diet is ineffective.


6. Can you eat for lunch meat, and for dinner fish?

Yes. Fish is meat too, so it is ok.


7. Can I protein in the day with meat to eat milk products, such as milk, yogurt, cheese?

• In principle it should not. The book points out: "Do not Combine different types of protein (meat and milk products, meat and eggs or eggs and milk products."


8. Is it possible to eat protein day instead of beef or white meat?

• Yes it is possible, but in the book about UN diet points out that protein lunch is with boiled or braised meat. However, one or two times in the diet cycles, it is possible to eat roast beef without consequence.


9. Can I drink alcohol during diet?

Alcohol is prohibited in this diet because it is not healthy and it stops weight loss procedure.