How does Pritkins diet make you loss weight?

This diet consists of reduction of input fat (allowed entry for up to 10% of daily energy consumption), proteins about 10% to 15% and increasing the intake of complex carbohydrates and may even go up to 80% It also reduces the amount of cholesterol, 25 mg, and increases input of fiber to 15 grams per day.

How to do this? 

• For meat it is recommended to eat fish (fat) and chicken white meat and in the amount not greater than 100 g per day (boiled or roast on the barbecue, but boiled is a little healthier).

• Fat - this means oil, margarine and animal fats are prohibited. Since I know how it is difficult to go immediately to this regime advisable use cold virgin oil (olive, sunflower oil and corn germ) in the amount of not more than 2 soup spoons per day - and a transition period for example two weeks

• Not more then one egg per day

• From milk products skimmed milk and yogurt (up to 1 / 4 liters per day) as well as cheese is ok (30-50 grams per day).

• Great emphasis is put on pulse as a source of vegetable protein and fiber diet recommended daily intake of about 100 grams. Pulse that are used are: lentils, beans, black mice, mice and yellow products (tofu, Tempeh and alike.), As well as domestic beans

• Cereals are used in the form of integrated grain, the black bread and pasta of integrated flour (of course it without oil and eggs). Recommended cereals are an integral rice, gers (barley), millet, oats, rye, wheat etc.

• Allow all vegetables in unlimited quantities (only watch with those that have very concentrated food of plant origin like seed).

• Fruit is allowed and can eat 2-3 times a day.

• Sweets are banned but there is replacement for that such as barley malt and the like.

• From drinks only fresh juices prepared from fresh fruit without additional sweetener.

and water.

This diet may cause improvement to your healt or even completely withdraw the following diseases: atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, hypertension, diabetes, Chronically disease, dilated veins, deep vein thrombosis, hernia, hemroids, Colon, gout, osteoporosis and Ulcerative colitis. This diet method is more then safe to use, improvement and benefits to your health from this diet are numerous.