What is Pritkins diet ?

This diet is collected by Nathan Pritkin somewhere in the fifties.

Earlier this diet is indicated in patients with heart problems, because of food consumed in it, it had benefits for the whole cardiovascular system.

The diet is then improved by Pritkin Robert, who has converted to a real weapon against obesity. This is not the type of diet promises of 10 kilograms in 7 days, is quite healthy recommended by health experts and nutritionists.

In Pritkin diet food is not only a process of reducing your weight, it can make you live a healthy life more lifestyle benefits. You can lose weight easily and steadily over time, to challenge without endangering your body and weight fluctuation, yo-yo effect, assembly, expressed or vitamin and mineral loss.

In addition to food, Pritkins diet promote the importance of physical activity for your body. Pritkin recommended 30 minute exercise every day, considering that any movement, fast walking, jogging, boxing, whatever you like and is considered exercise. Meals are relatively small, but frequent and often, so you won't be hungry. Pritkin recommends to eat foods rich in carbohydrates before exercise in a large source of energy. Some foods should not be absent from the daily, such as cereals (wheat, barley, oats), vegetables, fruits, natural fruit juices, because it provides the vitamins and minerals needed in the body. In general, Pritkin diet is not only healthy food and weight loss, also a diet for life optimal health age.