Best healthy diet - UN diet

Strict enforcement of the child in addition to removing the causes weight gain and a change in metabolism and weight is not lost bags. Diet lasts 90 days. If you need to lose weight or less weight, diet is switched off before, but then there is no change in metabolism.

UN protein diet always starts the day, followed by starch, ugljenohidratni day, fruit a day, and re-protein. Order of the day can not be changed.

All 90 days fruit. They eat the same two fruit or handful of dried fruit (Count 8 pieces, it will be enough).

The first day - PROTEIN DAN

• meat, stewed, boiled or fried (3 pieces - restaurant serving - up to 250 g) or 3 boiled or fried eggs or something in dairy products and even soy.
• Bread - an integral piece of bread
• Salad - in unlimited quantities with a maximum of 1 tablespoon oil
• Soup - mandatory (without noodles - 1 cup / 3 dl) and if you consume dairy products, then broth is not required to drink milk or yogurt.

NOTE: Different types of proteins do not interfere in one sitting and not even in the day.
Same as for lunch, but not without bread and soup. Be sure that if you eat meat to eat lunch and dinner, and if you have eggs for lunch, have to be for dinner.

Another day - STARCH DAY

• Beans, peas, lentils, rice, potatoes - boiled, only with the addition of spices (salt, vegeta, pepper, ketchup, cooked tomatoes) - a full plate
• bread - slice
• Salad

As well as for lunch, but a half measure. Dinner is FREE BREAD

Third Day - Day of carbohydrates

Cooked pasta with the addition of spices - ketchup or the like, or drink only with the addition of ketchup, salt and baking in quantity in the pizzeria pizza (eg 3 rolls)

The two thinner pieces of cake, or 3-4 cookies, or 3-4 balls of ice cream
Required - 1 rib chocolate

Fourth Day - FRUIT DAY

Lunch and dinner
Only mixed fruit, how much he wants.

Additional notes

• After a round of 7x 4 days, ie. 29 days (three times a child) is holding a "water day". All day drink only water;
• Required after fruit, and sometimes after water, protein continues to date;
• Coffee and tea can drink, but without sugar. Juices reduced to a minimum;
• Be sure to take it after lunch, 1 tablet containing a daily dose of vitamins and minerals;
• Pause between meals the first day, 4 hours, and the second and third day, 3 hours, during fruit on imedu meal break is 2 hours;
• After 8pm Do not eat anything.

All that is specified must be eaten because it has a role in the body. Fruit is required for the breakfast, provides energy for the fastest, chocolate on the third day also protects the body because of possible allergies.

Quantities of food are higher than usual, and set up our food and climate conditions. It must be consistent and persistent. It may be that the first ten days there is no loss of weight, but then begins a sudden loss and that even 3-4 pounds. After 90 days a child, another 90 days for breakfast to eat fruit, while for lunch and dinner back to the normal diet. In this period should be to lose another 3 kg, which is an indication of changes in metabolism. If you do not lose, diet should be repeated, but only after 3 months.

Diet should not be extended more than 90 days - ONLY AFTER THE BREAK OF 3 MONTHS CAN be done 90 Days NEW CHILD.