Anabolic healthy diet

This is one of the dietary requirements for which there are no guidelines on what size servings (serving) is most appropriate, given that it is caused by body weight and general objectives of the person who has decided to accept this kind of daily diet.

This means that the starting point for an individual calculation of calories necessary to the person who comes on a daily basis, to the body to function normally. And as one connected with each other, after you get to the appropriate daily caloric value, the size of the estimate will easily be directed and adapted.


As for the absolute winner in an anabolic mode of nutrition, they are certainly eggs. It contains massive amounts of protein, fat and cholesterol. To avoid overload, rich morning meal time by turning and various vegetables such as spinach, green peppers (bell), etc. bokolija.

Here are some very good suggestions that can be useful when it comes to the morning meal:

Scrambled eggs with bacon - bacon bake in butter first, and then, after you get the color, pour beaten eggs, all that bake a few minutes and here you tasty and rich breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with chicken and cedar cheese - chicken breasts cut into small pieces and bake in butter, egg whisk and then pour over chicken, then add the all cedar.


As for the afternoon, so to speak, a snack, you can try some interesting combinations of the following:

hard-boiled eggs
ham and cheese with mayonnaise
cubes of cheese with mustard
Lunch and dinner

Now is the turn of the main meal of the day - lunch, and one of the most izbegavanih - dinner. When the word about them, the whole food (meals) should revolve around red meat when it comes to anabolic diet.

Most people are of the species most attractive beefsteaks meat and the like. Here are some suggestions.

Steak with broccoli and Parmesan cheese - Boil broccoli and squeeze, then pour into the pan and add olive oil, broccoli when it is heated at all to add Parmesan and stir well, then salt and pepper and serve as a supplement to the steak that you previously saved to butter.

Steak with peas, onions and bacon - cook the peas, onion cut into small pieces and stewed with bacon in a pan previously greased with butter, after a while add the peas and stir it all until it is over, and serve with beef stored along with stuffing.